Know Your Data


What you have.


What you need.


Sensitive data.



Use AI to identify document types across your enterprise

Defensible Disposition

Apply retention codes, and process defensible disposition on content across the enterprise regardless of location, repository, or format.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Automate the discovery and organization of all relevant documents requested by the buyer & populate the data room.

Privacy Risk Assessment

Understand what risks reside on your corporate networks and end-points. Create detailed privacy and risk reports at the click of a button.

Complete data subject access requests in 10 minutes


If you are spending more than 10 minutes on a DSAR, FileFacets can save you money. Not to mention our automated daily scans to find, move, and protect PII across the enterprise


Connect FileFacets to your website and embrace transparency with your customers. Our automated DSAR Processing turns GDPR into a differentiator.


Scan every repository in the enterprise automatically and action results at a click of a button. Track and report on all active and historic DSARs.

FileFacets makes it easy to action Data Subject Access Requests so that your organisation can confidently complete requests in the 30-day time frame.