Data Transfer

Start your migration off on the right foot with FileFacets Data Transfer

Making big data manageable

While today’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are built to organize data for records management and file sharing, the onus of evaluating and processing thousands, sometimes millions, of files is a daunting task for any corporation.

For businesses moving large amounts of data from one or multiple systems to another, the discovery, classification and attribution of content with relevant business value can take months or even years.

Taking short cuts with a “lift and shift” approach – migrating all old legacy data into a new environment – can be even worse, resulting in a new ECM that is underutilized or unused, with unrealized ROI for your organization’s ECM investment.

Transfer unstructured content from multiple sources into ECMs

FileFacets’ cloud data analytics and content migration platform makes it easy for businesses to locate, process and migrate data by automating the categorization of data, the attribution of file metadata and the migration of unstructured content from multiple sources into structured ECMs.

FileFacets’ automatic file sorting algorithms make it simple for organizations to locate essential data. The solution can access and scan files without interruption and detect duplicate files before moving them. Additionally, FileFacets analyzes and leverages file metadata, as opposed to actual content, so an organization’s data remains secure.

As the only migration tool available as a pure SaaS solution, it is able to easily scale and support a number of users across multiple locations in a safe manner.