Due Diligence

Locate relevant content and expedite the due diligence process

The Challenge

The challenge often faced by lawyers, bankers and dealermakers in Legal and FinTech is the time and effort it takes businesses on the sell-side to search for, identify and produce the necessary documents during the Due Diligence phase of a merger or acquisition.

FileFacets Enterprise ID makes it easy to:

  • Locate relevant files
  • Organize content for the virtual data room
  • Expedite due diligence deal preparation

How it Works


FileFacets Enterprise ID scans all content across multiple repositories on the sell-side and displays all content into a single enterprise-wide view.


 FileFacets Enterprise ID identifies which files are relevant to the deal using regular expression search and machine-learning clustering.


FileFacets Enterprise ID organizes the files into a target folder index for preparation for upload to the virtual data room.

The Result

Using FileFacets Enterprise ID reduces the time and effort on the sell side by eliminating the need to manually search for content, makes sure important content isn’t missed, and enables the buy side to access the information in a clean and organized data room.

The result is a secure and efficient due diligence process, an organized content environment for the dealmakers, and a faster time to deal close – mitigating the risk of deal collapse.