Information Governance Compliance

Don’t fall behind on meeting regulatory and compliance demands

Organize your data for good compliance

In industries like healthcare, oil & gas and government, there is increasing pressure on organizations to meet regulatory compliance demands. Organizations must launch new ECM initiatives in order to comply – but this is a daunting, error-prone task.

Organizations are at risk of failing by not rationalizing, organizing and enabling ECM best practices. Often, organizations make the mistake of propagating existing content problems into their new ECM. As a result, content that is unclassified, unattributed or unorganized could make its way into the new ECM. This content can either clog the ECM or worse – actually disrupt the ECM migration project entirely.

With FileFacets’ unique content classification system, potential errors are eliminated so they’re not brought over into the new ECM.

How does FileFacets do this?

FileFacets analyzes all content so it can be properly prepared for migration. Next, target repositories are designed for maximum performance. All relevant activities can be performed with FileFacets, ensuring a cohesive experience. These activities are ROT processing, content classification, taxonomy implantation, metadata attribution and multi-repository migration.

Setting up new ECM best practices will ensure your organization meets compliance and transparency requirements.


Avoid non-compliance

Complying with internal records management policies or external regulations is daunting, and non-compliance can lead to costly and detrimental repercussions for an organization.

FileFacets’ highly-automated solution will seamlessly allow your organization to be compliant, no matter what industry.

General Data Protection Regulation

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Personally Identifiable Information/Personally Identifiable Health Information

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act of 1996

E-Discovery & FRCP
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act