FileFacets for the Legal Industry

FileFacets is a fast and cost-effective data discovery and privacy compliance solution for gathering and collecting electronic data during the legal process. FileFacets all-in-one tool allows for the identification, collection and preservation of an unlimited volume of data – from an unrestricted number of sources, across multiple locations, and unlimited custodians.

How can FileFacets Help?

Due Diligence

For the Sell-side: expedite search of IP and reduce risk of deal collapse by decreasing the time of the transaction.
For the Buy-side: improve the data quality and decrease the time of the discovery phase with clean and organized data.

Privacy Compliance

Locate and flag Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, such as social security numbers and credit card information, to ensure sensitive data is protected and handled appropriately.

Early Data Assessment

Locate and filter all relevant data across multiple unstructured data sources. Remove redundant files from data collection to streamline data inputs, increase the quality of data outputs, and expedite e-Discovery phase.

The first step to gaining control of your data is to know what you have.
FileFacets Enterprise ID allows you to find what you have, keep what you need, protect sensitive data, and monitor for compliance making it easier to structure content for regulatory compliance and proper information governance.

FileFacets for Legal:

Content Analysis

FileFacets can search for and sort documents based on their source, age, or file type and group files together based on their content, subject matter, or common passages of text.

Secure Data Transfer

Transferring the final data set in its native file format to a third-party review platform or to an in-house “legal hold server” is a secure, automated & documented process that resolves chain of custody, authentication, audit trail issues.

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