Privacy Risk Assessment

In today’s highly sensitive business environment, every organization is holding some level of risk in their data Personal information in unsecured environments, highly sensitive corporate information leaving the building on laptops; these are not just potentially expensive breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation, but it could be a very embarrassing headline in the national newspaper that costs a loss in customer confidence and market capitalization 

FileFacets can report on what documents you hold and where they reside.  We assign a risk profile to each document type including whether it contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  This information is presented in a management dashboard.  

Know your data and mitigate risk 

FileFacets helps you better understand the risk that you and your organization are managing at a glance

Have the information to manage risk and modify policies and procedures to reduce risk in the future

Ensure that you know where sensitive information is located in the event of a breach

Knowing your data is no longer an option. FileFacets’ automated discovery and Document Type ID is guaranteed to be more accurate and will save thousands in manual searches, data mapping exercises and reporting costs. 

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