Regulatory Compliance

Organizing data for good governance

The Challenge

Complying with internal records management policies or external regulations can be daunting, and non-compliance can lead to costly and detrimental repercussions for an organization.

FileFacets Enterprise ID makes it easy to:

    • Locate relevant files
    • Organize content for compliance

How it Works


FileFacets Enterprise ID scans all content across multiple repositories allowing businesses to analyze their content and understand what it is and where it is.


 FileFacets Enterprise ID performs ROT processing, content classification, taxonomy implantation, metadata attribution and multi-repository migration.


FileFacets Enterprise ID automates business processes and workflows to ensure organizations meets compliance and transparency requirements.

The Result

Using FileFacets Enterprise ID allows businesses to get control of their data by understanding what they have and where it is, and organizing content for compliance, no matter what industry.

FileFacets helps with compliance for:


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health


Access to Information and Privacy Online Requests