ROT Processing

Find and eliminate Redundant, Obsolete, & Trivial files

What is ROT?

Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial files (ROT) are records with no real business value that clutter your repositories and cause systems to become increasingly difficult to manage. ROT may include duplicate files, old files, and out of scope files such as temporary or system files.

The FileFacets Analytics ROT Processing function continuously runs in the background on shared drives to identify and process these files into the appropriate repositories, or flags them for deletion.

Why you need to clean it up

A study by AIIM Market Intelligence found that only an estimated 42% of electronically stored information is useful to a business, according to respondents. That means more than half of stored files are ROT – taking up valuable and expensive space on a company server.

Also, not instituting an information governance program includes a higher risk of data breaches or information exposure. By reducing ROT, businesses can save time, money and protect themselves to ensure compliance.

With FileFacets Analytics, massive amounts of files can be identified and removed from file holdings with a relatively low level of effort.