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Streamline research, reduce client hours, improve revenue.

Search & Sort

FileFacets all-in-one tool allows for the identification, collection and preservation of an unlimited volume of data from an unrestricted number of sources, across multiple locations, and unlimited custodians.

FileFacets can search for and sort documents based on their source, age, or file type and group files together based on their content, subject matter, or common passages of text. FileFacets can locate and flag Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, such as social security numbers, driver license numbers, and credit card information to ensure sensitive data is handled appropriately.

Analyze & Review

FileFacets identifies and removes duplicates vertically across the records of one custodian or horizontally across multiple custodians. One copy is identified for review and production, and an audit trail maintains the names of the custodians whose duplicates are removed. Operating system files, program files and other non-user created files are removed.

To speed document review, groups of documents with similar content, such as contracts, public filings or periodic status reports that contain variations of the same form are clustered together.


Migrate & Check

Migrating the final data set in its native file format to a third-party review platform is a secure, automated, and documented process.

The migration process is run using a script that records the HASH value and source location of every migrated file and then verifies the HASH value in the new repository. The migration function reports back on the status of the migration upon completion, showing any files that could not be migrated, that may require manual analysis and intervention.

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